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Building A Better Future

For Those Who Fought To Ensure It

Our mission is to provide Veterans with simple solutions to complex VA processes through world-class service and innovative technology.

About Global TekMed Holdings

Global TekMed Holdings is a conglomerate consisting of industry-leading businesses and provides career opportunities in various industries, including Sales, Marketing, IT, Medical, and Accounting.

At Global TekMed Holdings, we are dedicated to providing a welcoming, diverse and inclusive work environment and strive to ensure our employees feel empowered to excel in their future. Our team is committed to the development and career growth of each employee.

More About Us

Veterans Referred

Supporting Veterans Since 2016

We take pride in devoting a large part of our business to assisting Veterans. Our company connects Veterans around the nation with knowledgeable case managers! They provide Veterans with generalized guidance throughout your entire VA claim process for a more accurate VA Disability Rating.

Careers at Global TekMed Holdings

Working at Global TekMed Holdings goes far beyond having a stable job to provide for your family. A career at our company means you’ll have exciting new possibilities to follow your curiosity wherever it takes you.

Challenging Projects

We are driven by innovation and we value pushing the boundaries in our business strategies. At Global TekMed Holdings, every day brings new objectives.

training programs

Global TekMed Holdings offers a wide variety of training programs and opportunities to grow within the company. We always encourage professional development and growth.

Leadership Opportunities

Our employees are our most valuable assets. We encourage professional development that empowers employees to do the work they love, reach their career goals, and grow into leadership roles.

It is our honor to hire Veterans

Our company is dedicated to helping military Veterans succeed in their next mission transitioning from military service to civilian career. Not only do Veterans make up a large percent of Global TekMed Holdings’ workforce, but we take pride in supporting them through their transition to civilian life. The proven leadership, commitment, camaraderie, and selflessness these men and women demonstrate are valuable assets we look for in all of our employees.

We thank you for your service and invite you to consider a career with Global TekMed Holdings!

Additional Perks

Our positive work environment fosters individual talent, mutual trust, and lifelong learning and growth. We support our employees in achieving their career goals, mastering their skills, and realizing their greatest potential.

Work Culture

We are proud to create a unique work culture for our employees where everyone feels supported and appreciated.

Friendly Team

We prioritize communication to create a collaborative work environment with our friendly, ambitious, and skilled team.

Employee Benefits

We offer competitive range of benefits to support you and your family. We continuously explore opportunities for employees to share in the company’s success.

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If you are someone who is passionate about helping Veterans — Contact us today!

Global TekMed Holdings is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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